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    Have you ever stumbled upon a song and fell so hard for it that you end up being mad at yourself for not knowing of the artist sooner? Those were my exact feelings when coming across Dominican-Italian singer Yendry. In trying to find a song for one of my IG stories, I was recommended her single “Nena” which she performed on A COLORS SHOW. Her angelic voice immediately captured me and at that very moment I became a fan. I’m not the only one who has slept on Yendry in the past as she was a contestant on Italy’s X-Factor in 2012. Although she did not make it to the end, that experience gave her the platform she needed to create her own path in the industry. Her broad influence from Juan Luis Guerra to Nino D’Angelo created her unique sound of pop, R&B, reggaeton, and flamenco. Her latest single, “YOU” featuring reggae legend Damian Marley along with her recent Tiny Desk performance does not disappoint and will leave you wanting more. 



    Another Latino singer who should already be in your playlist rotation is Manuel Medrano. This Colombian singer-song and winner of two Latin Grammys taught himself how to play the guitar and began writing at the ripe age of 16. The popularity of his cover videos on YouTube and the release of his independent single “Afuera del Planeta” in 2015 attracted the attention of Warner Music Group who signed him immediately. Reminding us that well done music videos still exits, his latest video for his single “Tengo Que Llegar a Tiempo” if full of suspense and rock vibes.  



    If you’re looking for Dembow with a flare of feminism, MULA band is here for you. This Dominican trio is here to show us that Dembow is not just “ for the boys”. Their playful yet at times dark sounds draw from perrico ripiao like beats creating a sound all their own. The group composed of twin sisters Anabel and Cristabel Acevedo and Rachel Rojas state that their odd band name is a representation of two very different sounds coming together as one. Remember their names because they are here to stay and change the course of Dembow. 



    Anytime a group of Latinas come together you know it is going to be a good time. Add some amazing vocal skills, drop dead gorgeous looks, and dope dance moves and you get - Bella Dose! The world’s first bilingual Latin girl group will make you forget the Spice Girls ever existed. Not only do they write and compose their own music, these ladies engineer their own songs as well. The personalities of Brianna Leah Curiel, Melany Rivera, Thais Rodriguez, and Jennifer Hernandez all shine through on their own. With 1.9 million followers on Tik Tok since their debut in 2018 we know that this is just the beginning for Bella Dose. 



    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month the Peralta Project has collaborated with BK2LA Studio to co-curate “LA BODEGA” available on Spotify and Apple Music

    BK2LA Studio is a creative agency that specializes in music and visual media. The studio based in Brooklyn was founded in 2015 by Steph Austin.  

    Que lo disfruten! 



    If you are like us and long for music that feels like “90’s R&B”, Dominican singer Maria Isabel has got you covered. This Nuyorquina who is influenced by bachata and merengue brings us poetry set to the sultry beats. Making waves in the industry around 2020, she has been featured on the cover of Rolling Stones Mexico, Billboard Argentina, and Vogue - the definition of marking the scene from jump! In July, she released her second Spanish single “No soy para ti” directed by another fellow Latino dominating the music scene, Alfred Marroquin. We cannot wait to see and hear what more Maria has to come! 



    T.V. Land is looking very different these days as large networks are now giving us equal platforms on which to tell our stories. Award shows are following suit in the recognition, like the Emmy’s, which were held on September 19 from Los Angeles, CA. One historic nomination went to the extraordinary African American and Puerto Rican actress MJ Rodriquez, who became the first trans woman nominated for Best Actress in a Drama for her formidable portrayal of Blanca Rodriguez on the iconic ballroom culture period drama show, Pose. All though she did not take home the prize, we all know that this is just the beginning of the many nominations for MJ who not only can but, she can sing hunny! The music video for her upbeat new single, “Something to Say” is out now. Check it out! 



    Sarah Palafox, a.k.a Sarah La Morena, an Afro-Mexican singer of regional Mexican music, became a viral sensation back in 2020 as the internet hadn’t seen a Black woman singing in Spanish with a mariachi band. Little do they know that there are 1.2 million people who identify as Afro-Mexicans. Often overlooked, this marginalized group is a true example of the broad spectrum of the Latino community. Sarah was heavily influenced by her upbringing by her adoptive parents in Zacatecas, Mexico and the music that was always playing everywhere she went in her neighborhood. Now signed to Joyas Musicales, she is working on her new EP and album. Her most recent cover music video, “Amor Eterno”, included a touching dedication to the lives lost in the pandemic by way of photos submitted by her fans of their deceased loved ones. We are ready to see what else Sarah La Morena has in store for us & the world! 



    Remember those events where you used to go see your favorite music artist play live with a group of your friends? Those things called concerts that seemed like a distant memory. Guess what? After a year of virtual concerts and verzuz battles which we all watched via our phones & T.V. (and don’t get us wrong we did enjoy staying safe and watching these from the comfort of our homes) live in person concerts & music festivals are back! One that we’re particularly excited about which is happening at the end of this month and celebrating its 10th year anniversary is The Governors Ball. Head to Citi Field for the three day festival which is going to be packed with today’s hottest music artists like Colombian and fellow New Yorker super star J.Balvin headlining Saturday’s show and Princess Nokia - hip hop’s Puerto Rican royalty from the L.E.S. who is performing Sunday. 



    What happens when you get three Dominicans together who love hip hop - you get Whitest Taino Alive. This rap trio made up of DaBeat Ortiz, Jon Blon Jovi, and Dominicanye West (with hilarious artist names) provide us with tropical trap tied together with funny and clever pop culture references that we can all recognize. This month they dropped a new single, “Dia Lindo” ft. Loui Santana & Flaqy Lafontaine. Run it up! 



    Another fellow Dominican rapper taking over the Billboard charts is Tokischa from Baja Mundo who dropped a new single “Linda” along side one the baddest pop stars in the game, Rosalía. This infectious track paired with a an alluringly music video, which opens up with a cameo from legend Fefita La Grade, is full of sex positivity and pays homage to the place which most Latina’s spend most of our time in, el salon. Hit play and get ready for el perreo!