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    Straight out of South America we bring you painter, mixed media, and graffiti artist, Michael “burner” Wong. With parents with diverse backgrounds, his father from China and his mother from Venezuela, Michael is the embodiment of a fusion of cultures which comes across in all of his forms of art. His use of dragons and calligraphy are signature styles that set his pieces apart from other artist. He recently partnered with Johnny Walker in their recent campaign designing the canisters for their bottles creating a 750 piece collection, all signed by Wong himself. Properly chosen by the company to represent an example of someone who is here to leave their mark and this chamo is doing just that.



    Another internationally based artist whose artistic career began in Harlem is the legend himself John “JonOne” Perello. Now living and creating in Paris, JonOne, who is of Dominican origin, began his artistic career during the epic era of graffiti in the 80s. His style of abstract art influenced by the energy of the city set him apart from the rest of the other emerging graffiti artist. Relocating to Paris in the late 80’s, JonOne had his first exhibit in 1992. If his art seems familiar to you it is because he collaborated with Hennessy, designing limited edition bottles with his art in 2017. 



    Speaking of Latino legends, we want to make sure to give flowers to the pioneers who changed the game. One of whom is known as the ‘photographer who captured the birth of hip hop’ is Bronx born Joe Conto, Jr. Raised by a proud Puerto Rican family who were also actively involved in the budding salsa and political New York scene with superstars like the late Tito Puente and Johnny Pacheco, Joey saw first hand the power of activism via his father and grandmother. The art, music, and dance that came from the generation of people that refused to be beat by the obstacles set against them by the corrupt politicians and deteriorating city led to his front row view and documentation of the beginning of the most popular music genre out now, hip hop. His photographs are now regarded as pieces of history and have been featured in numerous documentaries on the movement. 



    This one is for the ladies! Specifically shouting out two of our favorites Jessica Marie Garcia from “On My Block”and Julissa Calderon from “Gentefied” who are back with the Season 2 of their sketch comedy YouTube series “GO OFF” presented by ConTodoNetflix! When it comes to these two sassy no-hold bars bellas you know that you are going to laugh until your stomach hurts. 



    Just when we thought that Borinqueño super star Bad Bunny was done taking over the world with his music, brand partnerships, and drive through concerts he hits us with his acting talents. Making his acting debut as a gangster named “Kitty” in the final season of Netflix’s hit series “Narcos: Mexico”, the reggaeton star will be gracing our screen when the series returns on November 3rd. 



    We are holding on to the memories of summer and those Caribbean vacations we may or may not have taken this year via this DRY BLOOM BABY arrangement inspired by the playas de nuestras islas, from a Latina owned online flower shop - BLOOMED IN QUEENS! You’ll never guess who the owner is…yours truly, writer of the BLODEGA, Deilis! Inspired by my abuelita’s ability to create fashion ensembles with her sewing machine, fueled by my obsession with flowers & plants, and driven by my calling to work with my hands, BLOOMED IN QUEENS was born. Each dry & fresh floral arrangement is uniquely created and personalized for every customer. I want you to feel as if you’re taking a piece of artwork for your home but instead of paint, flowers are my medium. Currently delivering to Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx but don’t worry, we are taking this nationwide baby! Shipments to all of the U.S. coming in October! Living by our motto, como una flor, BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED!



    There is a saying that goes, “You have to know where you came from, to know where you’re going.”. A lot of what was taught to us in history class is not OUR history. In order to truly understand our culture, our triumphs and struggles as Latinos, we have to have an understanding of the events that shaped us. As Far As Anyone Knows podcast, hosted by the Latino dynamic duo of Minerva Angeles and Fredo B, is here to drop some knowledge with their mostly Latino history podcast. Keeping it light with their hilarious jokes and sensational chemistry, you’ll be instantly hooked and like us will set your podcast alerts for the next episode. A personal favorite was the episode on Mama Tingo, a badass Afro-Latina activist leader from Dominican Republic. Hit that suscribe button on Apple, Spotify, Audible or anywhere else you get your podcasts from.



    Speaking of our history, we have an Oscar worthy film for you - Hotel Coppelia by Dominican director José María Cabral. This period piece which is set in 1965 during the Dominican Civil War in the Dominican Republic, artistically portrays the marginalized point of view of the daily life of a group of prostitutes working in a cabaret, who deal with both the take over of the cabaret as a base of operations for the revolutionary rebels & then the American troops who invade the country and occupy the building. You will be engrossed by each of the characters stories while seeing how this captivating story plays out. Check it out HBOmax. 




    This one is for my art enthusiast. Head uptown and check out El Museo del Barrio’s ESTAMOS BIEN – LA TRIENAL 20/21 exhibit showing works of contemporary art of 40 Latinx artists from all across the country and Puerto Rico. September is the last month to take it in and get inspired by these amazing artists. 



    A Caribbean artist who’s name you should know is Yermine Richardson. This Dominican born and Spain based artist creates work which encompasses Afro-Caribbean heritage beautifully via his use of feminine silhouettes, bright colors, and personal portrayal of the beauty of black skin. 



    Every Latina abuelita dreams of hitting the jack pot when playing the lotto. To this day there is not a dream that I have shared with my abuelita which is immediately followed with a “pale” of numbers she comes up with (based on the dream) to go play for her.  ‘Abuela’s Luck’, a short film by Dominican director Ricky Rosario takes you on a quick trip to the bodega for some scratch offs for his abuela  with a bit of some unexpected events. September is the last month to watch this critically acclaimed movie on HBOmax. Buena suerte! 



    We’ve been in search of Latino based podcasts and struck gold with Netflix’s ‘Brown Love’ hosted by Dominican actress Dascha Polanco who’s joyous  personality makes you feel like your talking to one of your homegirls. The series is composed of numerous Latino actors being interviewed by Dascha on a variety of topics relating to the Latinx experience, struggles, and biases within our own communities. Trust us, it is worth the listen.