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    There is something magical that happens when art and fashion collide. Living in a time of disposable fashion, where trends are instantly replicated and overdone in a blink of an eye the avant-garde designs of Beate Karlsson are a breath of fresh air. Like the “Tim Burton of fashion”, Beate is the true definition of letting your imagination run wild. Growing up in Stockholm, Beate always liked to create numerous artistic objects with her hands tying in her use of clay for her garment constructions. Moving to N.Y. brought her into the world of fashion setting her apart with her hybrid style of art and design. Her use of extreme proportions and materials, such as silicone and latex, allow her to bring to life pieces like “The Bloody Feet” and “The Claws”. As of most recent, she was part of the team of designers of the iconic looks from the Pyer Moss Fall 2021 Couture show and is the Creative Director of the fashion line based in Florence, AVAVAV. As lovers of people who against the “what’s popular” flow, we’re excited to see what other worlds and designs Beate’s imagination has in store. 



    Self expression is in our nature and along with the outfits we choose to wear, our hairstyles are another form of introducing ourselves without saying a word. Gone are the days where colorful hairstyles are looked at as unprofessional and many are embracing this new wave! Two hair salons that are killing the game right now when it comes to artistic hair dyes and styles are The Cut Gallery by Mona Lisa in Brooklyn and Rara Studios NYC in Queens. These hairstylist treat their customers hair like a blank canvas and bring the requested designs to life strand by strand. Styling the heads of celebrities such as Cordae and Lewis Hamilton, you know you will leave The Cut Gallery feeling like a star. Over at Rara Studios NYC, the expertise of hair coloring is so precise that the owner, Dorian Valasquez, created his own dye line, Take Home Color. Go book an appointment, get ready to stand out, and live in color! 



    Fit of the week goes out to @adoseofcio giving us all the “Chula” vibes in the BX. If you want to be part of the “Chula” gang yourself, check out two of our latest versions, “La Chula Hoodie” & “Chula (Rhinestone) Crewneck Sweater” available for you to purchase. 



    We all know that children are our future and if we are in the hands of 8 year old Mexican genius Adhara Maite Pérez we are as good as gold. With an IQ of 162, which is two points higher than Stephen Hawkins and Albert Einstein, she is set to change the world. Did we mention that she is currently working on not one but TWO college degrees since she’s already completed elementary, intermediate, and high school? Adhara who dreams of working at NASA and becoming an astronaut is light years ahead of the game. When asked why this is her dream she said “I want to go to space to colonize Mars!”. We are behind you 100% Adhara! 



    After the pandemic many of us found ourselves trying to create multiple side hustles or redirecting our careers in order to generate income while working from home. Jannese Torres-Rodriguez has created the perfect podcast, “Yo Quiero Dinero”, that will give us the tools to build a successful online business and set us on the right track towards financial independence. After losing her job a few years back she did some personal soul searching leading her to create a prosperous food blog Delish D’Lites. The success of the blog didn’t happen overnight but with relentless consistency and research she began to see residual income trickle in from the blog. With every year that goes by that income has only gone up. Jannese is now on a mission to educate & empower members of marginalized communities to build generational wealth, become entrepreneurs, and invest wisely. Si se puede



    If you’re in need of some inspiration we are here to tell you about Afro-Latina and fellow New Yorker Kayla Maria G. This profesional dancer, model, teacher, and influencer is here to break stereotypes that have been placed on people with disabilities. Comfortable in her own skin and a proud bionic user she has been featured in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Target, Dove, and UGG. She hopes that through her work she will normalize and open up peoples minds and perspectives on disabilities. We are ready to take some dance lessons from her any day! 



    Straight out of South America we bring you painter, mixed media, and graffiti artist, Michael “burner” Wong. With parents with diverse backgrounds, his father from China and his mother from Venezuela, Michael is the embodiment of a fusion of cultures which comes across in all of his forms of art. His use of dragons and calligraphy are signature styles that set his pieces apart from other artist. He recently partnered with Johnny Walker in their recent campaign designing the canisters for their bottles creating a 750 piece collection, all signed by Wong himself. Properly chosen by the company to represent an example of someone who is here to leave their mark and this chamo is doing just that.



    Another internationally based artist whose artistic career began in Harlem is the legend himself John “JonOne” Perello. Now living and creating in Paris, JonOne, who is of Dominican origin, began his artistic career during the epic era of graffiti in the 80s. His style of abstract art influenced by the energy of the city set him apart from the rest of the other emerging graffiti artist. Relocating to Paris in the late 80’s, JonOne had his first exhibit in 1992. If his art seems familiar to you it is because he collaborated with Hennessy, designing limited edition bottles with his art in 2017. 



    Speaking of Latino legends, we want to make sure to give flowers to the pioneers who changed the game. One of whom is known as the ‘photographer who captured the birth of hip hop’ is Bronx born Joe Conto, Jr. Raised by a proud Puerto Rican family who were also actively involved in the budding salsa and political New York scene with superstars like the late Tito Puente and Johnny Pacheco, Joey saw first hand the power of activism via his father and grandmother. The art, music, and dance that came from the generation of people that refused to be beat by the obstacles set against them by the corrupt politicians and deteriorating city led to his front row view and documentation of the beginning of the most popular music genre out now, hip hop. His photographs are now regarded as pieces of history and have been featured in numerous documentaries on the movement. 



    This one is for the ladies! Specifically shouting out two of our favorites Jessica Marie Garcia from “On My Block”and Julissa Calderon from “Gentefied” who are back with the Season 2 of their sketch comedy YouTube series “GO OFF” presented by ConTodoNetflix! When it comes to these two sassy no-hold bars bellas you know that you are going to laugh until your stomach hurts. 



    Just when we thought that Borinqueño super star Bad Bunny was done taking over the world with his music, brand partnerships, and drive through concerts he hits us with his acting talents. Making his acting debut as a gangster named “Kitty” in the final season of Netflix’s hit series “Narcos: Mexico”, the reggaeton star will be gracing our screen when the series returns on November 3rd. 



    Imagine a pizza made of plantain crust topped with chicken in vodka sauce, mozzarella, longaniza, salami, queso frito, and special sauce. That would be like a little piece of Dominican-Italian heaven right? Well that foodie dream is a reality with Stephen “chef papi” Rodriguez creation of the Dominican Pizza,  a dish that became so popular that it changed the trajectory of his culinary career. Chef Papi not only has a food truck called IZKINA and his own seasoning but he also caters private dinner events. IZKINA has an array of mouth watering dishes like Jarabacoa Sushi Roll and Guava and Cheese Empanadas. If you can’t wait to try some of his dishes, book a ticket to his upcoming two day birthday event “Dinner in the Sky”. Buen provecho




    As Latinos the greatest traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation are those recipes that remind us of home, our people, and our motherlands. Afro-Puerto Rican chef and actress Santana Caress Benitez understood that assignment and has been giving some of those traditional recipes her own flair. You may recognize her as “Lulu” from the hit Netflix series, “She’s Gotta Have It” but this multi-talented queen is out here showing her true chef skills in the kitchen. Appropriately using the hashtag #Illcooklikeyourmother, Santana’s instagram is filled with dishes that will make you want to eat your phone like the tostones topped with cod fish, pickled pepper, and a dollop of sour cream shown above. Drooling yet? Fortunately for us she now shares her recipes and some of her lifestyle hacks via a subscription on the Patreon app which is worth every penny. Hit that suscribe button and get the cooking! 



    We know you all have seen them. They have taken over all of our feeds. It all started last year where Tik-Tok blew up with videos of people dunking cheesy and meaty tacos into a scrumptious broth and so started the Birria taco trend.    The thing is that these tacos were nothing new to true taco eaters. These Mexican beef or lamb filled tacos topped with cheese and served with a side of meat broth have been around since the 16th century. In N.Y. the smell tacos have been filling  the streets by the O.G.’s of the game Birria-Landia. With locations in Brooklyn and Queens the lines to these trucks are always long but worth the wait (trust me as I have been to BOTH). Go with a nice empty stomach and get ready to take your taste buds for a ride. 



    Speaking of traditions is it too early to talk about coquito? The holidays are quickly approaching and we all know that it is truly not a Noche Buena until you’ve had that sip of coquito while hearing the current family chisme from your tia, am i right? All jokes aside, coquito is one of those traditions and recipes we previously mentioned that upholds our roots and customs from our cultura. Johnny Rivera owner of Brooklyn Coquito knows this very well. He believes that this creamy drink is not only a beverage but a lifestyle. It carries the legacy’s of our ancestors and creates memories with every bottle gifted or shared. Right now, you can place a pre-order as shipping starts October 25th. They’ve even shared a discount code on the site for the next time you place an order since it’s so good that you’ll be back for more for sure. Salud



    Have you ever stumbled upon a song and fell so hard for it that you end up being mad at yourself for not knowing of the artist sooner? Those were my exact feelings when coming across Dominican-Italian singer Yendry. In trying to find a song for one of my IG stories, I was recommended her single “Nena” which she performed on A COLORS SHOW. Her angelic voice immediately captured me and at that very moment I became a fan. I’m not the only one who has slept on Yendry in the past as she was a contestant on Italy’s X-Factor in 2012. Although she did not make it to the end, that experience gave her the platform she needed to create her own path in the industry. Her broad influence from Juan Luis Guerra to Nino D’Angelo created her unique sound of pop, R&B, reggaeton, and flamenco. Her latest single, “YOU” featuring reggae legend Damian Marley along with her recent Tiny Desk performance does not disappoint and will leave you wanting more. 



    Another Latino singer who should already be in your playlist rotation is Manuel Medrano. This Colombian singer-song and winner of two Latin Grammys taught himself how to play the guitar and began writing at the ripe age of 16. The popularity of his cover videos on YouTube and the release of his independent single “Afuera del Planeta” in 2015 attracted the attention of Warner Music Group who signed him immediately. Reminding us that well done music videos still exits, his latest video for his single “Tengo Que Llegar a Tiempo” if full of suspense and rock vibes.  



    If you’re looking for Dembow with a flare of feminism, MULA band is here for you. This Dominican trio is here to show us that Dembow is not just “ for the boys”. Their playful yet at times dark sounds draw from perrico ripiao like beats creating a sound all their own. The group composed of twin sisters Anabel and Cristabel Acevedo and Rachel Rojas state that their odd band name is a representation of two very different sounds coming together as one. Remember their names because they are here to stay and change the course of Dembow. 



    Anytime a group of Latinas come together you know it is going to be a good time. Add some amazing vocal skills, drop dead gorgeous looks, and dope dance moves and you get - Bella Dose! The world’s first bilingual Latin girl group will make you forget the Spice Girls ever existed. Not only do they write and compose their own music, these ladies engineer their own songs as well. The personalities of Brianna Leah Curiel, Melany Rivera, Thais Rodriguez, and Jennifer Hernandez all shine through on their own. With 1.9 million followers on Tik Tok since their debut in 2018 we know that this is just the beginning for Bella Dose. 



    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month the Peralta Project has collaborated with BK2LA Studio to co-curate “LA BODEGA” available on Spotify and Apple Music

    BK2LA Studio is a creative agency that specializes in music and visual media. The studio based in Brooklyn was founded in 2015 by Steph Austin.  

    Que lo disfruten!