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    St. Frida x Peralta Project Dinner (Recap)

    St. Frida x Peralta Project Dinner (Recap)

    On Monday, November 2nd The Rolos & Icons exhibit closed its doors to the general public a few hours early for a private dinner hosted by Saint Frida & The Peralta Project. Sticking to the theme of the exhibit, guests of the repast ranged from a variety of forces within contemporary Latino/a culture. Featuring the likes of: Artist, actor & playwright Lemon Andersen, writer, comedian and self proclaimed slang philanthropist The Kid Mero, recording artists & DJ duo formally known as Nina Sky, lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Kyrzayda Rodriguez along with Emily B, sterling fashion stylist & co star of VH1’s hit show, "Love & Hip Hop".

    The 5 star meal and menu was prepared by Fadia Kader (who heads Cooking With Kader) and Chef Santana Benitez. The one of a kind table set up was curated by none other than the wizard Aurea Sanabria who made sure the arrangement catered to a family style meal - the kind all Latino's look forward to at the end of a busy day.
    Here Tony Peralta was granted the opportunity to express his felicity with the general turn out during the first few days of his exhibition. Choosing to share a few sentimental words with the guests, Mr. Peralta touched on his relief and sensibilities to the crowd, addressing the year of 2015 as a whole which at times seemed to throw constant trials & tribulations at the artist. Tony Peralta (with the help of others) was able to keep the ball rolling marking another victory while on the path of success.
    St. Frida x Peralta Project Dinner



    Riding from the high of his latest exhibit, Artist M.Tony Peralta has decided to release the entire collection of "Rolos & Icons" as posters.  Only available for a limited time, the release of the posters are a result all the positive feedback the show received and the request for prints on all the pieces.  All posters are priced at $50 and printed on 18" x 24" Poster printed on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper, measuring 10 mil thick. Luster paper is in between a gloss and matte finish, providing you with highly saturated, maximum ink coverage.  You can purchase the posters here.

    Rolos & Icons Opening Night (Recap)

    Rolos & Icons Opening Night (Recap)

    On Thursday October 29th, Tony Peralta debuted his latest exhibit “Rolos & Icons” the show’s opening night brought in a total of 400+ persons from all throughout the city of New York, this was the show to see partly due to the icons Mr. Peralta chose to showcase which included the likes of Frida Kahlo, Selena, Iris Chacon & Dora the Explorer. The work catered to a broad audience, from the seasoned art connoisseur to the self discovering millennial, people of all walks of life came out to embrace Peralta’s new series of latino based art.

     Drawing a page from Warhol’s book Peralta this time around chose to illustrate on larger canvas’ compared to his previous work feeling a need to “get the message across.” The series features 9 women (more to come) all whom have a place in Peralta’s upbringing & heart. The rolos (or hair rollers) are a homage to the reoccurring image of women (specifically latinas) getting themselves ready for the world. Aware of the current social landscape of art Peralta hopes to invite more people of color to art through his utilization of Latina mediums claiming if you see yourself in the art, then you’d be more inclined to want to be part of art.

     Tony Peralta is filling a much needed void in the current zeitgeist of the art world. One of the few artists of color actively putting his work out there for the masses while letting said patrons know that they too may be as mighty and awe inspiring as the women showcased in the series. 

    - Johnny Q.

    Photos by: @johnnyutahx